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How To Build Your Nurture & Drip Campaigns

Go step by step with every touch in our Expert Advisor Seller Drip Campaigns. Use this as framework to create and customize you campaigns. 

How To Use Video To Engage Your Database & Attract More Business

Learn the different ways to use video to engage more people in your database. Get tips on how to deliver content and how to easily create relevant content consistently.

How To Set Goals That You Acheive

In this recent 52 Friday's call we talk about how to set goals that you hit. Learn the SMART philosophy to set the right goals and download resources to track and measure your progress.

The Clarity Report

Drill down on the specifics in your life and business so you can get crystal clear on what you need to work on to reach your goals. this is the most important document you will ever read in your real estate career.

Guaranteed Listing System

The proven, repeatable system that guarantees you to win the listing priced right and at full commission.

Real Estate Agent To CEO

How to build your team from the ground up. A complete walk through of our entire hiring process including our strategic planning process, systems and video examples from our own real estate business.



52 Listings in 52 Weeks

How to get 52 listings in 52 weeks doing the right things in the right order using your marketing, lead generation strategies, database, lead conversion approaches and listing system to make it happen.


Prospecting Gold

Learn how to engage expired sellers and get them talking by not sounding like every other agent out there. Use this script to diffuse the seller’s anger and take them down the path to building a relationship over the phone. Increase the chance of not only getting a nurture, but also landing an appointment for one of history’s toughest lead source.


Strategic Marketing Masters

How to master strategic marketing strategies and establish yourself as the go-to expert in your marketplace. Forge a compelling USP and create clients who want to stay with you for life.

Marketing Maven Monthly

Coming Soon!

Strategic Brand Positioning

Coming Soon!

When Did You Realize How Important Your Past Clients Were ?

Great Live Call with Jay and Michael from April 19, 2018 discussing the importance of communicating with your past clients.


Face to Face Podcast

How To Double Your Business Inside Of 6 Months ... Episode 23: How to Leverage Vendor Programs to Get More Leads & Add Additional Revenue Pillars to Your Business ... Face to Face is a podcast hosted by the Co-Founders of the National Association of Expert Advisors.


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